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Meet the team of chiropractic doctors and professionals at our clinic.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Tim Hughes

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Tim Hughes was born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, and lives there with his wife, Deborah, and their three sons. He was fortunate enough that his parents brought him to be examined by the family chiropractor for his chronic and painful childhood ear infections at the age of four. Chiropractic worked, and just before the planned surgical intervention of tubes in his eardrums. Dr. Tim has practiced in the US, Toronto, and since 2005, back home in St. Catharines. He has had the pleasure of treating hall-of-famer professional athletes, senior citizen octogenarians, children, and everyone in between. Elite athletes and couch potatoes all need to care for their spines and nervous systems in order to maintain their health, and improve their health, longevity and daily quality of life. Dr. Tim is proud to use his twenty-three years of chiropractic experience to help you achieve better health. He is a passionate healthcare advocate who believes there is value to many disciplines. His clinic is proud to offer massage therapy, acupuncture, reiki, yoga, meditation, stretching and exercise instruction -- all under one roof.

Our Staff

Our staff members work with our doctors every day to provide our patients with a professional and friendly experience.

Deborah Cox Hughes

Office Manager and Marketting

Deborah brings a passion for people and marketing to the clinical team, where she is responsible for marketing and outreach. She has been an educator for twenty-three years and holds Masters Degrees in Education, as well as English. She brings her interest in education, youth, and wellness to the clinic with workshops and patient outreach. Also certified as a compression sock/stocking fitter with Sigvaris, she can custom fit you with compression wear to improve your circulation. Deborah looks forward to helping you achieve a greater degree of health and happiness in your life, Tim and Deborah have lived in Atlanta, GA., Toronto, and St. Catharines and count among their many blessings, their three boys: aged 17, 15, and 13.

Lucy Juan Liu, CTCMPAO

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Having been trained in China, in the dual fields of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Lucy brings thirty-five years of experience and knowledge to our clinical team. She is a rare find in the Niagara Region, where we are told that there is no one who can match her years of experience and unique training. Lucy's specialties are the following: chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, back pain syndrome, skin and nervous system disorders, gastric and digestive disorders, among other conditions. Lucy has seen dramatic results in her patients, which they have called miraculous.

Rebecca Dade

Yoga Instructor

Rebecca Dade provides yoga and meditation practices for all levels. She is a certified yoga teacher through "Yoga by Sarah," (St. Catharines) and completed the 200-hour training program in 2018, with continued training in 2019. Having practiced yoga for over eight years, Rebecca can personally testify to the healing benefits of yoga practice. She enjoys travel and time with her dog, Karma, and her friends. Rebecca offers classes in yoga and meditation at our clinic, and is committed to helping you achieve your "best YOU" -- through flexibility, strength, and inner focus.

Lauren Hundert

Yoga and Reiki Practitioner

Lauren joins the clinic as both a yoga instructor and a Reiki practitioner. Trained through Power Yoga Canada, Lauren creates both fast and slower paced yoga classes with an emphasis on stamina, strength, flexibility, alignment, and mental focus. Her energizing classes are great for muscle toning, weight loss, and just generally feeling awesome. Reiki, her other passion, is the practice of moving energy around in our body and clearing out any blockages for optimal overall wellness. When our life force energy flows naturally, our organs and our mind are properly nourished, and the body is in a state of harmony.


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